General Pictures of the Devils Backbone Course, North to South

     6+ miles in. Headwell to Hyalite on BIG Snow year                10 mi in. Crater Lake. Spring is 1/4 mi later
Big snow on Hylatie    Crater Lake
         Keep you eye out for Goats. Juniper found these.                   Arrows pointing to Grassy Peak and back home 13 mi in.
Watch for goats    Arrows to Grassy Mtn
      Slow down and look out for scenery like this.                  Putting snow in your water carrier before it is half empty.
Great scenery   Snow in your bladder
           Looking back towards Hyalite (peak on my finger)                 Top of Grassy Mountain
Back to Hyalite    Grassy Mtn
    6 miles to the cabin when you see these poles                 Looking at Miracle Mtn just before Windy Pass
Last 6 miles of poles    Miracle Mtn
 Windy Pass flowers. Watch how trail goes through here.    Take the right (behind Liz) to the cabin
Windy Pass    Junction to cabin
 Outhouse near the cabin. Nice view!!                    Portal Cr crossing, only relay members see this.
Outhouse by the cabin    Portal Creek crossing